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brain and spine injuries

Brain and Spine Injuries

       Injuries suffered as a result of accidents can be minor, such as bruises and cuts; or they can be severe, like broken bones, concussions, or severed limbs.  The body tries to repair itself as it has for eons, but injuries to the spine and the brain are much harder to repair and take much, much longer.  

      Traumatic incidents and injuries require specific, dedicated diagnoses and treatment. That treatment is more complicated and lasting than the setting of a broken bone. Ensuring that you have the right diagnosis – and the right care – is essential. One cannot make mistakes with the spine, or any part of the central nervous system: mistakes can result in the loss of feeling and sensation, crippling of arms or legs, or even paralysis.  

      Common signs of brain injuries are:

            - slurred speech

            -slowed movements or responses




      Common signs of spine injury:

            -pain when moving, bending, or walking

            -inability to get comfortable

            -numbness or tingling in arms, legs, hands and feet

      If you are experiencing those symptoms after an accident, it is imperative to have a lawyer who can help guide you through the hassles and obstacles insurance companies throw into your path. They have legal representatives to protect them; you need to have someone to protect you and help get you what you deserve. Call the Law Office of Joseph A. Blaszkow now at 703-879-5910.