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Dash-cams: A Wise Investment?

More and more drivers these days are purchasing, installing, and using dashboard cameras for their cars.  Many vehicles have them as a matter of course, like buses, tractor trailers, and emergency vehicles.   That said, regular drivers are getting in on the action as well – and with good reason! Driving on the highway is

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Tiger Woods’ DUI arrest – how does it effect you?

Tiger Woods’ DUI arrest – how does it effect you? Most people’s response is: “it doesn’t.”  In fact, it does.  DUIs, whether cause by alcohol or drugs, are a very real problem in the DC area.  Every day, officers, deputies, and troopers are making DUI arrests on our highways and streets.  DUIs are a pervasive

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A Point of Privilege – An Analysis of Executive Privilege

The anticipated testimony before Congress of former FBI head James Comey, has led to discussion of whether the Trump Administration might seek to prevent Comey’s testimony by the assertion of Executive Privilege.  The U.S. Supreme Court first recognized the concept of Executive Privilege in the 1974 case of U.S. v. Nixon.  The concept recognizes that

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