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Holiday Driving - Be safe, and be smart

Happy Holidays!

The holidays generally mean happiness, joy, and spending time with family, friends, and loved ones.  In the Washington DC Metropolitan area, that last part usually includes some amount of travel.  Regular work schedules plus increased holiday traffic dramatically increases the number of cars on the road, and with it, the chance of an accident. 

Thankfully, not all motor vehicle accidents are major incidents involving medevac choppers and lengthy hospital stays.  Many, in fact, involve some property damage, maybe some pain of neck and/or back, and a trip to an urgent care clinic or primary care doctor. 

No matter what kind of collision occurs, it is very important to keep a cool head.  If you are involved in a collision this holiday season, here are some important tips to remember:

1 - Safety is paramount.  Once the collision occurs, move your vehicle from the travel lanes.  Standing in the path of traffic to check on your car, even in slow moving traffic, is not a safe thing to do. Move to the shoulder as far as possible, and turn on your emergency flashers (“four-ways” and “blinkers”). 

2 - Exchange insurance information with the other driver.  In all jurisdictions in the Metro area, those drivers involved in automobile collisions are required to provide their insurance information to each other.  We recommend taking a few pictures of the insurance cards. 

3 - Take pictures of the vehicles involved, and the scene itself.  That does not mean wander back into the road for a snap-chat pic.  You can take good photos from the side of the road.  Take pictures of your vehicle, the other vehicle, and anything else that may have value, such as tire marks, signs, traffic lights, debris, etc. You’re preserving evidence, and it’s only costing you digital memory. 

4 - Seek medical treatment.  If you are in pain, get checked out.  If the pain is severe, but you don’t call an ambulance, go to your nearest emergency room.  You can also go to Urgent Care clinics, or your primary doctor. 

5 - Next is the most important step: call the Law Office of Joseph A. Blaszkow, the Alexandria Injury Attorney.  Let us do the heavy lifting so you can enjoy your holiday, and have a great season.

Stay safe, and have a Happy Holiday.