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Going green!

Going Green!

The Law Office of Joseph Blaszkow is pleased to report that we have taken another leap forward in merging modern technology with environmental friendliness.  

Law Firms go through reams of paper, whether it is drafting motions or simply answering (and generating) correspondence.  Our firm is now sending and receiving a large volume of correspondence electronically.  In order to maintain records as diligently as in the past, a dedicated server in the office is now keeping secure copies of all digital files.  

In addition to reducing our use of paper, we are better managing what we do use.  An intensive recycling program is now underway, whereby office staff shred only that which has protected information on it, and sends the remainder into recyclable waste.  This stream-based system will ensure the office is in total compliance with Alexandria City Codes that require recycling, as well as truly moving towards a more efficient office.  

The idea of having a paperless office is laudable, but we're not there yet.  Our recent improvements, however, bring us one step closer to that lofty goal.