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PIP and Medpay - what are they? Should I have them???

PIP and Medpay - what are they? Should I have them???

    As the Alexandria Injury Attorney, I do what I can to ensure people make the best decisions when buying insurance.  I keep up to date with the myriad of issues that surround insurance coverage, because some can be beneficial, but confusing.  For example: When you sign up for car insurance, the insurance company will give you a host of options, ranging from roadside assistance to total collision coverage to medpay - most people simply say ‘no thanks’ and move along.  A surprisingly large number of people do not elect medpay coverage because they have no idea what it is.  But they should.


    Medpay is a general term meaning Medical Expense(s) Coverage. This is a type of “no-fault” coverage that, if elected, provides extra protection for reimbursement of medical expenses incurred after an accident.  There are limits to this, of course, and it depends on what you elect.  A common number in the Alexandria area, for example, is $2,000.00.  This may not seem like a staggering sum, but when confronted with a five thousand dollar hospital bill, every bit helps.  Additionally, the coverage is usually not that expensive, ranging from $10-20 a month depending on the insurance company. 

    Medpay is also stackable, which means that if you have $2,000 of coverage for one car, you have $2,000 of coverage.  But if you have 2 cars, then your coverage is $4,000; 3 cars equals $6,000.  Medpay is stackable for up to four vehicles. 

    You have the option to receive this coverage at any time; all you have to do is call the insurance company and ask. The specifics of the coverage differ from company to company, but as a general rule, the driver is covered, and so are family members in the covered person’s household.  The coverage is often available even if your vehicle is not involved in an accident!

    Medpay is an excellent tool to have, and it’s just like a lawyer - you hope you never need it, but if you do, you’re thankful what you have is good. Because its cost is usually low, we recommend that all motorists purchase Medpay coverage.


    Personal Injury Protection, or PIP, is in the medpay family, but is unique to Maryland in the Metro area.  (This should not be confused with PIP in DC, which works in a very different manner).  PIP includes medical expense coverage as well as loss of income protection.  This means that, like Medpay, you can receive payment of medical expenses, but unlike Medpay, you can also receive payment for the wages you lost because of injury and/or medical treatment.  

    The limits of PIP vary, but the minimum that can be purchased in $2,500.00. 

    PIP is also stackable, just like Medpay. 


    Medpay coverage and PIP coverage are really the “hidden gems” of automobile insurance, except that they aren’t hidden at all.  Almost all carriers offer the coverage, but far too many people decline it.  The reasoning behind this is usually to save 10-20 per month - but in the long run, if you need it, it is an excellent investment to have made.   

    If you have questions about PIP or Medpay, or if you have been involved in an auto-accident, call the Alexandria Injury Attorney today at 703-879-5910