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After my accident, should I go to the doctor???

I've been hurt in an accident: should I go to the doctor?

Should I go the doctor?  This is a common question I get asked, and the answer is, simply: yes, if you have been hurt. 

As the Alexandria Injury Attorney, almost all of my clients are coming to me because they have been hurt by someone else’s negligence. Sometimes, they come to me almost immediately after being hurt.  While I’m grateful, I’m a lawyer - not a doctor.

The first thing my staff and I tell any client who was hurt is to get good medical treatment.  If you have been involved in a car accident, and you’re in pain, then you should go see a medical practitioner.  If it is serious, go to the hospital right away.  Depending on the severity of your injuries, then you have a few options: 

Emergency Room/Hospital
Emergency rooms are open 24/7 to treat serious medical conditions and injuries.  If you cannot walk, or are too ill to drive, then by all means call an ambulance. 

Urgent Care Clinic
Some clients do not like hospitals because of the wait times, or maybe for other personal reasons. For these clients, Urgent Care clinics are always an option.  Urgent Care clinics are excellent options for someone without a primary doctor, or who needs immediate (but not emergent) care. 

Primary Care Doctor
A client’s primary care doctor is always an option as well.  The difficulty therein is that a primary care doctor may not be able to get you onto his or her schedule for a few days, or even longer.  

It is vital that a client get medical treatment if the client is hurt.  Waiting can impact a case, because it gives the defense an option to argue that “someone/thing else hurt you” or “you weren’t hurt that bad since you didn’t need a doctor.”  

The important thing to remember is to get the medical care that you need.  Trying to “pad the bill” does not work, and does a great deal of damage to one’s credibility, and one’s case.