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pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian Accidents

             Walking in the Metro area is almost as dangerous as driving, sometimes because so many drivers are paying attention to GPS, smart phones, other cars, and other distractions. Pedestrians run a risk of being involved in accidents all the time. 

            Pedestrian accidents are very traumatic, because the most severe damage happens to the pedestrian:

            Broken bones


            Bad cuts and scrapes

            Head impact/trauma

            Spinal injury

                        After being hit by a vehicle, a pedestrian may accrue expenses at an alarming rate between emergency rooms, x-rays, ambulance rides, doctors’ consultations, etc. An experienced legal team is needed to help keep everything in order. You may have suffered trauma and do not need the additional hassle of dealing with two insurance companies (yours and the vehicle owner’s). Let the Law Office of Joseph A. Blaszkow assist you in recovering all that you are entitled to, and help ease the burden in a difficult time.  Call 703-879-5910 to schedule a free consultation.