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Police Tape over sidewalk with a parked cop car nearby

$150,000 Settlement Published in Virginia Lawyers Weekly!

Blaszkow Legal, PLLC Sept. 10, 2020

The Alexandria Injury Attorney is very pleased to announce that Virginia Lawyers Weekly, a publication that addressed many legal issues in the Commonwealth, has published an article about one of our cases!

A young woman was walking on the side of the road, upon the sidewalk, when she was struck violently by an speeding pick-up truck. The driver of the truck was DUI, with a blood alcohol content of 0.222%, almost three times the legal limit! She was rushed to the hospital, and suffered some serious injuries to her head and leg.

The client retained Blaszkow Legal, and we set to work investigating her case at once. We were immediately confronted by the fact that the DUI driver only had a limited amount of insurance coverage. However, Attorney Joseph Blaszkow was able to research some available uninsured-motorist coverage and ultimately, confirmed that she had, potentially, $250,000 in coverage.

We were able to settle part of our client’s claim for $150,000! However the insurance company, State Farm, is requiring litigation to obtain the full value of the claim. We are pursuing her case vigorously!

If you or a loved one has been struck by a vehicle, or the victim of a DUI, Blaszkow Legal can help - call the Alexandria Injury Attorney

You can review the article:

Note: the article incorrectly states that the case has been filed in Fairfax County; the case is pending before the City of Alexandria Circuit Court

Woman Struck by vehicle while walking on sidewalk - $150,000 Settlement