U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service Is Raising Its Fees on Many Immigration Applications!

On August 3rd, USCIS published a Final Rule that significantly alters the fees for most immigration related applications accepted by the agency. On average, fees have increased by 20 percent. Besides altering most fees, the rule also adds new fees, establishes multiple fees for nonimmigrant worker petitions, and limits the number of beneficiaries for certain forms.

The rule also removes certain fee exemptions, changes fee waiver requirements, alters premium processing time limits, and modifies certain intercountry adoption processing.

The prices of some applications, such as the N-400 form for Naturalization (Citizenship) will increase by over 80%. Applications to Adjust Status (a type of green card application) will be increasing by 51 %. Work permits for most applicants will increase by 34%. It may be worthwhile to speak with an immigration attorney about filing a much-needed application before this deadline. Please call us to schedule a consultation.

The Final Rule and fee schedule can be found at the following link here. Please also click here for more information.

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