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Law Day – 2019!

Every year, the Fairfax-based law firm of Weiner, Spivey, & Miller hosts Law Day.   Law Day is a celebration of the the Rule of Law, and helps to introduce the community to the lawyers that and legal professionals who serve it.  Instead of broad desks and emerald-shaded lamps, the public gets meet lawyers as regular

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The HITECH Act – Helping to Save Our Clients Money!

The HITECH Act – Helping Save Our Clients’ Money! As a law firm, we subscribe to the highest level of ethics in representing our clients, that includes representing our clients zealously and responsibly. We do everything we can to 1) maximize our clients’ recovery and 2) minimize their costs and expenses. Some costs, for example,

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2nd Annual Great Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt was a success!

The 2nd Annual Great Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt was a great success as it allowed the Alexandria Injury Attorney to not only engage the community in the never-ending hunt for Thanksgiving recipes, but also allowed us to give back and to help those who need it. This year, we were very lucky to partner with ALIVE,

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