Virginia SB 1768 - the Hands Free Amendment

The last ten years have witnessed a staggering array of technological advances in cell phone technology. Cell phones have become smart phones, and those phones are now an important part of our lives. Many of the things we once did on our home computers - emails, banking, messaging, scheduling - are all now at our finger tips, wherever we, and our smart phones, go. However, this new technology has had disastrous consequences when mixed with an old technology - the automobile. Texting and driving is unbelievably dangerous. The rise of the smart phone has increased this danger exponentially, as now people are texting, checking social media posts, alerts, etc. while they are driving. When drivers take their eyes off the road to check even a one-sentence message, their vehicle may have a moved a few hundred feet, depending on speed. And without eyes on the road, those vehicles drift - left and right, where there are other cars, median strips, trees, etc. This drift causes horrible accidents, which lead to very, very serious injuries. While our firm is ready, willing, and able to help those who are injured by distracted drivers, the sad reality is that the incidents are far too frequent. The Alexandria Injury Attorney has seen these collisions with increasing frequency, and wants to do all he can to try to mitigate these collisions, which damage lives, and sometimes end them. Attorney Joseph Blaszkow sent a letter to the Speaker of the House, the Honorable M. Kirkland Cox, in support of SB 1768 - the Virginia bill which would enact legislation to combat this dangerous and all-too frequent occurrence. A copy of Mr. Blaszkow’s letter is provided here. Please call your State Senator or Delegate to ensure that they support SB 1768. If you have been injured by a distracted driver, call the Alexandria Injury Attorney - 703 879 591000001