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Benefits of Legal Representation in the Midst of a Coronavirus Pandemic

Blaszkow Legal, PLLC May 28, 2020

The pursuit of personal injury claims in today’s world is becoming more challenging. The insurance industry, utilizing highly trained and skilled claims personnel and lawyers will go to great lengths in order to reduce the dollars paid out to you in your case. Statistics show, however, that personal injury claimants will almost always achieve a significantly better result when represented by an experienced attorney. The benefits of having legal representation are even more important in the midst of a pandemic. Let me highlight a few of those benefits:

Access to Medical Care:

With COVID-19, it is more difficult than ever to find appropriate medical care as many medical offices are closed, and many others are operating in a variety of restricted ways. At Blaszkow Legal we know what medical facilities are open and available to deal with a variety of injuries. We can assist our clients in getting physical therapy, diagnostic, and specialty care. Some therapy facilities now offer treatment plans that include tele-medicine visits. Recent studies have shown that, with careful planning, this sort of treatment can be just as beneficial to the patient as a more traditional approach.

Medical Expenses:

Payment for medical treatment is always an issue for people with personal injury claims. This reality is heightened by the pandemic with so many people unemployed (over 40 million by latest reports), having difficulty paying rent and putting food on the table. At Blaszkow Legal we are often able to provide creative options to help deal with medical expenses.

Remote Legal Representation:

Reducing exposure to the outside world is generally recommended with the ongoing pandemic. Practicing social distancing doesn’t work for all legal purposes, but at Blaszkow Legal we are fully equipped to conduct remote teleconferencing, and electronic signing of documents.

Navigating Difficult and Uncharted Court Systems:

The pandemic has caused chaos in the nation’s court system, with court operations suspended, cases postponed, jury trials restricted, and many other operational limitations. At Blaszkow Legal we are up to date on the constantly changing court requirements in the DMV. We are fully engaged to guide our clients through the chaos in the manner that is most beneficial to their cases.

Maximizing Recoveries:

The insurance industry fully appreciates that people are under extraordinary financial pressure in these times, and is not above trying to exploit that circumstance. Blaszkow Legal is ready to balance the scale in your favor, defend you against these practices, and make sure you get the recovery you deserve.

Stay safe, stay healthy, JAB