what our clients have to say about us


The entire staff has been fantastic. They are all honest and smart. Matt has always kept me posted on any and all updates and has handled me with kid gloves! Mr. Blaszkow is a fabulous lawyer is wise and kind. I highly recommend them.

Elizabeth N, of DC

Mr. Blaszkow and his team represented me in an accident in which I was seriously injured. Before reaching to Mr. Blaszkow, I called many attorneys in Virginia because I needed to hire an attorney but none of them took me seriously and did not respond to my calls. Mr. Blaszkow returned my call and met with me (at my convenient time because I was injured and in pain after the accident) to talk about my accident and situation. Mr. Blaszkow explained to me the entire process, injury law and regualtions impacting my situation and what next steps are needed to resolve this case. During the process, Mr. Blaszkow and his team turned out to be nothing less than excellent, caring, ethical, innovative, and brilliant the law-firm. I had never needed a lawyer in this capacity before so the whole process was new to me. Whenever I had a question, Mr. Blaszkow was available to answer them and his responses were always very thoughtful and thorough. With time, my case turned out to be a complicated case that I could see other lawyers may have steered away from, but Mr. Blaszkow team seemed to overcome this challenge. The outcome was even better than we hoped for! I would recommend him highly with great confidence!

BEATA G. of Alexandria

I was injured when I was rear-ended while stopped at a traffic light. After many months of unsuccessful attempts to get a fair settlement from the insurance company I finally decided to get a lawyer. I wasn’t sure Mr. Blaszkow could do much better negotiating than I had done on my own, but I was happy he and his staff would be dealing with the insurance company from now on instead of me. Not only did they relieve me of that burden, my settlement was triple the amount I was able to negotiate on my own. Thanks Mr. Blaszkow for representing me and ensuring I received the settlement I deserved.

Danny G. of Alexandria

Mr. Blaszkow was professional, prompt, courteous, kind, and trustworthy! He kept me very well informed.

Rachel M., of Arlington

Very Friendly

I came to the Law Office of Joseph Blaszkow after becoming dissatisfied with another attorney’s handling of my personal injury case. Mr. Blaszkow’s office was very friendly and willing to help, they also kept me well informed and kept my case moving. I was very satisfied with how quickly they had the case resolved after picking it up.

Tracy R:

Having had a bad experience with an attorney, I was referred to Mr. Blaszkow as a replacement. In our initial meeting I was put at ease by Mr. Blaszkow through professional courtesies and a level of sincere interest in assisting me. He and his staff were attentive, responsive and comforting during what was a very stressful time. I have and will continue to refer Mr. Blaszkow and his staff

Charlene P, of Alexandria

Mr. Blaszkow was able to give me his full attention when we met, and the information he imparted was key to developing an effective strategy for my case. His staff was excellent in responding to my questions. He did a great job with handling something that popped up as an unforeseen result of my initial case.

Suzanne M., of Maryland:

I fell on a sidewalk that was busted up by a tree. I hired Mr. Blaszkow to represent me because he had helped me with a past car accident. His office kept me well informed, and answered all my questions. He helped me get a good result from the District. I definitely recommend him to people.

Darnell L., of Washington DC:

Dear Mr. Blaszkow:

Please allow this letter to serve as my thank you for all the hard work that you put into my personal injury case. You did a splendid job in expediting all paperwork concerning my case. You kept me up to speed on how my case was progressing, and anything that I inquired about, you had the answer. We always had a one-on-one when I came to your office.

I have not known an attorney that cared about his clients and their welfare so much. If ever I need the assistance of an attorney, I will be calling on your office to represent me. I have and will still refer clients to you. I hold you in high regard.

Again, thank you for representing me and the speedy outcome of my personal injury case.


Very impressive

I had never needed to hire an attorney for a personal injury case before so I had no idea what to expect. I thought my case was small compared to others you see or hear about in general. Mr. Blaszkow and his entire staff treated me and my case as if it were one of their most important. I never felt my case insignificant or hardly worth their time and felt they committed the same amount of time and concern to coordinating and negotiating my case as they would have to some multi-million dollar case. I was extremely happy with the overall service provided.

I was very impressed with how caring they were about my injuries and their focus on me getting the medical and rehabilitative services I needed to get better. I felt that they truly cared about me, not just as another case to process. They explained the process and sequence of steps typically followed in cases like mine and let me know of the progress being made. I would recommend their services to anyone in need of any type of legal representation whether civil or criminal. They truly represent and care for their clients at often the most critical time in a person's life that their services are needed.

I was impressed by Mr. Blaszkow's availability by phone, text, and email. I received timely responses from him and his staff on the progress of my case.

Kathy, of triangle, Va.:

I have nothing but praise for Mr. Blaszkow. He ensured that I got an appropriate and fair settlement on my behalf. I would definitely refer someone to the Alexandria Injury Attorney.

Sekiwya W., of Alexandria

Mr. Joseph and his team did a brilliant job on my case. I was injured in a controversial road accident while I was driving my bike. At that time, I was desperate and a meeting with Mr. Joseph gave me hope for the fairness of my decision and this eventually happened! Thank you very much for your job! Recommend to anyone who trying to find out the best law office

Andrei H, of Arlington

The service was excellent; I was thoroughly updated on all matters regarding my case up until the settlement; overall, I was very pleased with the service and would recommend the firm to my friends. December, 2017

S. Scott of District Heights

Very satisfied

During the entire duration of my business with the Law Office of Joseph A, Blaszkow, I was kept very well informed of all the aspects of my case. The Law Office of Joseph A. Blaszkow answered all questions regarding my case -- I have a lot of confidence in Mr. Blaszkow. I have been blessed by the services provided and am grateful for the legal representation that I received.

Cassandra, of Washington, DC:

I came from another lawyer to Mr Blaszkow. I couldn't ask for a better lawyer, from start to finish. It was like night and day. - I wish I would have come here first!

Sean S., of Dumfries, Va.