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An Arlington car accident can seriously impact every facet of your daily life, from just getting around and going to work, to trying to sit at a computer for a long time with pain that you didn't have before. You will be stressed by a lot of phone calls from different insurance companies, as well as the hospital trying to get their bill paid. You need an experienced Arlington Car Accident Lawyer to help shield you from some of these burdens, and the stress that you are feeling. At Blaszkow Legal, we have over 40 years of experience fighting for people injured in car accidents all across Northern Virginia.

Call us today for a free consultation: 703-879-5910. We will fight for you from the minute you walk in the door, so that the insurance companies can no longer take advantage of you. We will help you process the claim, we will help you negotiate your settlement, and if the insurance companies aren't where we want them to be, we will fight for you in court, too. Get an experienced and aggressive Arlington Injury Attorney on your side today!

Car accidents in Arlington County

Did you know that every year, there are over 2500 car accidents, just within the borders of Arlington County? Think about all of the roads that cris-cross this county. From Route 50, to I-395, to I-66, there are a lot of people coming and going especially, in and out of DC. This many cars on the road increases the risk of accidents, some of which can be very serious.

If you have been hurt in an Arlington car accident that was not your fault, you do have the ability to file a claim for your damages. But that process can be fraught with a lot of pitfalls. Always speak to a lawyer before trying to navigate the mess of laws and regulations involved in an insurance claim.

Kinds of Arlington Car Crashes We Handle

Blaszkow Legal handles a wide range of Arlington car accidents, including:

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How the car accident claim works

After a car accident, you have to open up a claim with the insurance company. However, you may not be sure who the at-fault party is. This is doubly true if you have a multi vehicle accident, or we're hit by a car that then took off, called a hit and run. The first thing that we do when you hire us, is to begin our investigation to find out who is responsible. We run down all of the potentially negligent parties, to make sure that there is enough insurance coverage to properly compensate you for your injuries.

Opening up a car accident claim involved speaking with the insurance company. This is never something that an individual should do. The insurance adjusters that work for the big companies, and the small insurance companies too, are very good at their job. They will sound very helpful and very empathetic, and their soul purpose is to get you to say something that an adjuster can use to defeat your claim. Very often they will try to get you to take a recorded statement. You should never speak to an insurance company, even your own, without the benefit of an attorney.

Investigating the crash

Our team of paralegals and investigators is specifically trained to review the totality of car accidents, so we can properly make the claim on your behalf. In order to do that, and to defeat the allegations the other insurance company is bound to make, we start investigating right away.

We review the scene of the accident, and will sometimes send an investigator out to do a crash reconstruction. We will also review the whole accident scenes for potential camera footage. Surveillance camera footage, or dash cam footage, is the absolute best way of showing how an accident happened. This prevents the insurance companies from using their favorite argument, by stating that it is one side's word versus the other.

We will also interview any and all witnesses to the accident. Their statements can also be vital to making the case.

Damages in Arlington Car Crash

After a motor vehicle collision, you are entitled to file a claim for damages - provided you are not responsible for the happening of the accident. These damages include:

  1. Medical bills

  2. Prescriptions

  3. Permanent injury

  4. Time lost from work

  5. Future medical bills (if applicable)

  6. Future medical expenses (if applicable)

  7. Scarring

  8. Pain and Suffering

  9. Diminished value of newer-model vehicles, such as Teslas

Damages have to be proven. It is not enough for us to simply allege that our client was hurt. We prove that by medical records and if necessary, the testimony of witnesses who can illustrate how the accident has impacted you.

Statutes of Limitations to Virginia Car Accidents

All car accident claims in the Commonwealth of Virginia have to be filed within two years of the date of the accident (See Va Code 8.01-243). However, this is not the only statute that you have to worry about!

If your accident was caused by a government vehicle, whether it's county or state or federal, there are other laws that call under various tort claims acts, which have to be obeyed. If you do not meet the notice requirements set down by these laws, your claim can potentially be waived. That means lost forever. Contact an Arlington car accident lawyer immediately to make sure that your rights are protected!

How do my medical bills get paid for?

There is an unfortunate falsehood out there that the at-fault party will pay for your medical bills. That's not true. You get to claim your medical bills. However, you may make a serious mistake if you just send your bills to the at-fault insurance company. The insurance companies have no obligation to tell you what you may and may not claim - this is where a lawyer will guide you.

If you have health insurance, your health insurance is your only guaranteed source of recovery after a car accident. In fact, Virginia law requires that in-network medical providers submit their bills to your health insurance company (See Va Code 8.01-27.5). This is very important, because you may have to pay a copay. The provider may then have to take a contractual adjustment. All that's fine. But your claim is not just for what comes out of your pocket! Your claim is for the full value of those services! So if the hospital bill was $5,000, but you only had to pay $100, your claim is not merely for that hundred dollars. It is for the full $5,000!

Do not let the insurance companies get credit for things that they're not entitled to. Call an Arlington car accidents attorney now.

Paying for an Arlington car accident lawyer

Blaszkow Legal represents all personal injury clients on a contingency-fee basis. This means that we don't get paid unless you collect money, just like the commercials say. There is no cost whatsoever to call us on the phone and get some help, or to come in and have us open up a file. There is no risk to you. In fact, we are absorbing all the risk!

Hiring an Arlington County Car Accident Attorney

If you have been hurt in a car accident, you need a dedicated and experienced team of attorneys and staff who are devoted to getting you the compensation you deserve, and guiding you through a legal process that is both cumbersome and complicated. As soon as you call us, you get a winning team fighting for you. The person who hit you has an insurance company and their lawyers who are doing everything they can to minimize your claim. Don't you deserve someone trying to maximize yours?

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Virginia Statutes of Limitations:

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