Woodbridge, VA Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured in Woodbridge, or any area of Prince William County, you should speak to an expressive and aggressive personal injury attorney right away!  Whether you are rear ended on I-95 near Occoquan or struck by a drunk driver on Route 1, you need to protect yourself immediately.

Blaszkow Legal is ready to fight hard to get you the compensation that you deserve against the at-fault party, and their insurance company.




How can a Woodbridge Personal Injury Attorney Help Me?

A car accident jumpstarts several timelines, most of which you may not even realize exist.  In addition to trying to figure out legal deadlines, you are stressed and overwhelmed by insurance adjusters’ phone calls, trying to get a rental car, and all the while you try to seek out medical attention to try to get started on the road to recovery.

The job of a good attorney is to begin fighting for you, from day one.  This is the opposite of insurance companies, who fight for their stockholders! Our team at Blaszkow Legal is devoted to protecting you against all those who could steer your case in the wrong direction.  We work every case like it is going to trial, so we are ready to fight any argument the insurance companies want to throw at our clients. We begin protecting you the minute you call us, so that towing storage fees do not stack up too much, so that insurance statements do not get used against you, and so that medical bills are properly recorded and sent to the right health insurance carriers.

It is our job to fight for you from the moment you call us, and we will! 

What Do You Need To Do After a Woodbridge Car Accident?

After the collision, you may be in startled, shaken, and not really thinking about things.  Crashes can range from minor collisions to serious accidents and worse, and we have seen them all. 

It is very important to do everything you can, from that first moment, to make your case easier to prosecute against the at-fault parties - by calling Blaszkow Legal at 703-879-5910, and following these simple steps (to the right).

A car flipped over on it's side

1) Safety First, Always

Put out orange triangles, or flares (away from any leaking fluids, if any!) and stay out of the path of other cars.  After you have taken some pictures (See No. 3), move your cars from travel lanes to be safe.

stay safe - always call 911

2) Document Everything

Call the police, even if you think they will not come out.  This call is recorded, and serves to mark the time and date of the collision, just in case there is argument about that, later on.

never let someone tell you that you "dont need to call the police!"

3) Take Lots of Pictures

Pictures are important, but don’t just focus on just your car.  Make sure you get pictures of the other car (or cars!), the location, the traffic lights, and anything that could be important later on. Take pictures of the other party's driver's license.

you cannot have too many pictures!

4) Identify the Driver, Not Just the Car!

Sometimes, people just exchange insurance information, but knowing who insures the car is not enough, especially if the case has to be litigated.  Get a picture of the other person’s driver’s license, or state ID card.  Take pictures of the driver, and any passengers, too.

insurance cards identify the "owner" of the car. but your case is against the driver!

5) Identify All Witnesses

If anyone stops to say ‘I saw the whole thing!”, then be sure to get that person’s name, phone number, and address if you can.  This may include pedestrians, as well.  Witnesses help defend against the “word-vs-word” arguments that the insurance companies use to torpedo plaintiffs’ cases.

name, address, phone number, and email, if you can!

6) Get Checked Out

If you think you have been hurt, go to an emergency room or an urgent care clinic, and tell them what happened, and let the professionals make sure you are ok. Get you the treatment you need to ensure that you are, in fact, good to go!

emergency room or urgent care is fine, but you need to get examined by a physician

7) Call Blaszkow Legal

Before you call an insurance company, call an attorney.  Just like in criminal cases, the insurance companies can - and will - use anything you say against you, later on.

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The Causes of Car Accidents in Woodbridge, Virginia

Did you know that in 2022, there were over 5600 traffic crashes in Prince William County, alone? That does not mean Woodbridge is an unsafe place to drive - it simply means that things can happen that are outside of your control, and you have to be ready to react, if they happen to you. This is doubly true on any stretch of I-95!

Drunk Driving - intoxicated drivers cause a huge amount of incidents, and this includes those impaired by both drugs and alcohol/liquor.  Drivers using intoxicants have slowed reaction time, and cannot move as quickly as a regular driver. Also, they may not be seeing clearly, and may not realize they have passed a stop light, or crossed the center-line. 

Distracted Driving - infotainment systems, in-car televisions, GPS devices, cell phones and more are now standard in most cars.  Fiddling with these devices and computers while a car is in motion takes a driver’s attention from where it needs to be, on the road. 

Speeding - some people need to be where they are going, now.  Some people just drive fast, and still others drive aggressively, by changing lanes quickly and often without signals.  Crashes caused by these behaviors are often worse than normal, because of the added inertia of increased speeds.

Weather - the weather changes rapidly in Northern Virginia, and some drivers don’t compensate for that, in rain or snow or ice.  Crashes during inclement weather, caused by the inattention or overconfidence of other drivers, are sadly common.

Who is the Woodbridge Injury Attorney?

Joe Blaszkow is the Woodbridge Injury Attorney. He is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, and has been fighting for injured Virginians his entire career!

Alexandria Car Accident Lawyer Joe Blaszkow

What are some other Personal Injury Claims that you work?

Blaszkow Legal is a full-service law firm, and we handle all manner of personal injury claims. If you have been hurt due to someone else's negligence, through no fault of your own, then you have a lawyer! Call 703-879-5910 today!

We also handle:

  • Car Accidents

  • Truck Accidents

  • Bus Accidents

  • Pedestrian Incidents

  • Bicycle Accidents

  • Motorcycle Accidents

  • Slip and Falls

  • Trip and Falls

  • Premises Liability

  • Wrongful Death Claims

When should I call a Woodbridge Personal Injury Lawyer?

Immediately!  The statute of limitations in Virginia for car accidents is two years, but that does not mean you should wait that long to hire a lawyer.  If you wait that long, many things can have gone wrong: evidence can be lost, witnesses can disappear, statements can be made that suggest negligence on the part of the person bringing the claim, and more. 

Hiring an experienced, aggressive Woodbridge Injury Attorney  right away is essential, because an attorney can help guide you through the process, and push things along when necessary.  An attorney stops evidence from vanishing, or ensures that it is preserved.  An attorney will immediately investigate and work on locating witnesses, or even camera footage. 

Get the help you need, and call Blaszkow Legal right away - 703-879-5910

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