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Prince William County Personal InjuryWoodbridge Pedestrian Accidents

The sad reality is that you can be crossing the street at a crosswalk, following every safety rule and law that we have, and a negligent driver can still hit you and can still seriously injure you. A pedestrian has no protection whatsoever against the impact of a multi-thousand pound car, truck, or bus. Some pedestrians are even killed in these horrific collisions.

If you have been hurt as a pedestrian in Woodbridge through no fault of your own, then you may be entitled to compensation. Of course, the insurance companies do not make this easy. The road to getting what you deserve is difficult, and the at-fault parties will throw up every obstacle that they can find. This is why you need an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer to fight for you today.

Attorney Joe Blaszkow and the team at Blaszkow Legal will get to work for you immediately. We have the experience, knowledge, and resources to take on the at-fault party or parties, and their insurance companies. We will help to remove as many stressors from you as we can, so that you can focus on your recovery, and getting as close as you can back to where you were before this collision. Speak to an experienced Woodbridge pedestrian accident attorney now, so we can begin investigating, and getting the evidence we need to hold the negligent person accountable.

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What compensation can you claim after a Woodbridge pedestrian accident?

After you have been hurt as a pedestrian in Virginia, you have the ability to begin fighting for your damages. Damages is an all-encompassing term utilized by insurance companies and the legal profession. It is meant to include all of the ways that the collision and your injuries have impacted your life. There are several important elements that make up your damages - but remember that every case is different.

Medical expenses

Part of your claim, and often it's largest part, is the cost of your medical treatment. Depending on your injuries, the cost of Medical Care can be astronomical, if you need physical therapy, rehabilitation, surgeries, and more. Some of the most common injuries in pedestrian strikes include head injuries, bone fractures, abrasions, soft tissue injuries, and more. A multi-day stay in the hospital may be only the beginning of your treatment.

Medical expenses also include anything that you had to pay or incur for medical devices and supplies, such as crutches, wheelchairs, walkers, electrical muscular stimulation devices, and more.

Additionally, you may have a claim for future medical expenses if your treatment providers believe that you will need continuing care. This is a medical determination, rather than a legal one. If you doctor documents that you're going to need for example, yearly orthopedic evaluations, or future surgery, then we can add this as part of your damages.

Lost wages

Time that you have missed from work is part of your damages. This includes any of the time that you missed as a result of the Collision itself, such as being out while you are in the hospital for a few days. However, it also includes time after the hospitalization that you simply needed to recover. There is some confusion in the general public about used time-off, such as vacation days and sick days. The reality is, if you had to use them, then you can claim them (provided the time used is causally linked to the collision).

If you are able to return to work, you may not be able to do full days. In that case, the time that you missed forms part of your claim; it still counts!

If your medical doctors believe that you are going to continue to miss time from work on a regular basis, we may also be able to develop a claim for future lost wages.

Some people who are badly hurt in pedestrian accidents are are not able to return to a chosen profession. This can be emotionally and professional damaging. A substitute job in another career may not bring in the same income. This results in what we term as lost earning capacity.

Non-economic damages

Most people have heard the term "pain and suffering." This is a kind of non-economic damage, in that it is not black and white. Pain and suffering is not referenced in a law book as being valued at a certain amount due to a certain injury in a certain body part. It is an extremely subjective claim, and a skilled attorney is going to be able to develop the evidence for it, and prove a trial. Developing the evidence of your damages is another reason why you need an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer to help you today.

Punitive damages

Primitive damages are not awarded in every case, because there are only limited times when someone can claim punitive damages. Punitive damages are designed under the law to truly punish someone for their acts, rather than compensate an injured person. In order to claim punitive damages, the law has to expressly permit it.

In Virginia, punitive damages can be awarded if the at-fault party was under the influence, for example (by twice the legal limit). Attorney Joe Blaszkow was one of the first pedestrian accident lawyers in Virginia to obtain punitive damages against the drunk driver who hurt one of his clients!

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Woodbridge Pedestrian AccidentConsulting a Woodbridge Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

It is extremely important that you speak to an experienced and aggressive pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as possible after the crash. Insurance companies are going to work very hard to attack your claim, and even to attack you. Remember, that insurance companies do not stay in business by paying people what they deserve! Just the opposite. Attorney Joe Blaszkow and his team will work hard to fight for you from the beginning.

It costs nothing to speak to a lawyer. We work on a contingency fee basis, that means that we don't get paid unless you collect money. All consultations for all personal injury cases, including pedestrian accidents, are absolutely free!

Investigating pedestrian accidents

Blaszkow Legal is set up to begin to investigate our clients' claims as soon as they walk into the office. Investigating a case is vital, and it is important to begin that investigation immediately. Evidence that we're not able to develop right away, may be lost over time.

Camera footage is one of the best items of evidence that we can obtain to help prove that the other party was negligent in your pedestrian strike. However, camera systems don't maintain data forever. The way camera systems work is that the footage is overwritten after a certain period of time, if it is not specifically saved. Some excellent camera systems will save the footage for 30 days, or as some lower in systems may only save it for 72 hours!

Witness testimony is also incredibly important. However, just like with cameras, witnesses' memories can fade over time. It is important for us to interview witnesses, while they're recollection of the incident is still fresh in their mind.

Common causes of Prince William County pedestrian collisions

There are many different causes of pedestrian accidents in Virginia, including Woodbridge:

  • Distracted driving

  • Inattentive drivers

  • Speeding

  • Failing to look before turning

  • Ignoring stop signs

  • Running through stop lights

  • Drunk driving

What if a loved one died in a Woodbridge Pedestrian Accident?

Tragedies where a loved one is killed in a pedestrian collision are classified as wrongful death claims. In that case, you want to talk to an attorney who is adept at handling Woodbridge Wrongful Death Claims.

Wrongful death claims require special handling, because of the increased work needed. An estate has to be created, which is done in the Probate Court. Additionally, the investigation into the case has to be started right away, especially if the striking vehicle was owned by a company. Companies can change names, and work under shell corporations that have to be discovered - you have to name the right party, or the at-fault people can defeat your claim on procedural grounds.

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You have enough going on in your recovery, without having to worry about how you are going to pay for the mountains of medical bills that are adding up, and how you are going to afford to live now that you cannot work. After a Woodbridge pedestrian accident, you need a team on your side who are going to fight for you, and work hard to hold the negligent parties accountable, and get you the justice that you deserve. Speak to an experienced team today, and call Blaszkow Legal for a free consultation!

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Who is Joe Blaszkow?

Joe Blaszkow is one of the Northern Virginia's most prominent personal injury lawyers. He was one of the first in the state to obtain an award of Punitive Damages against a drunk driver who had seriously injured a client. He is experienced, aggressive, and dedicated to maximizing client outcomes, and holding negligent parties accountable for their actions.