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If you have been hurt in a Virginia truck accident that you think was the result of improper training of the driver, you may be entitled to file a claim for the damages that this improperly trained driver caused. Commercial vehicles, from dump trucks to big rigs, pose special and unique risks to other motorists. The drivers of these trucks have a duty to operate their vehicles with a heightened sense of awareness, and have to be trained to do so. If you think that improper driver training played a role in the accident that caused your injuries, you should speak to an attorney right away.

The truck accident attorneys at Blaszkow Legal have the training and experience to help you pursue your recovery during this stressful period. For over four decades, our law firm and its attorneys have been fighting trucking insurance companies all across Virginia, as well as Maryland and DC. We are ready to put our team to work for you, to maximize your claim for the injuries that you have received.

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How can a driver training truck accident lawyer in Virginia help me?

Trucks are machines that are far more complicated to drive than cars. They require specialized training to be driven safely, and this is why the drivers require specialized licenses. Drivers must receive a commercial driver's license (CDL) before hopping up in the cab and operating one of these huge vehicles on the roadway. Not all drivers however, are trained the same. There are some CDL schools that push drivers through training, and do not do the proper testing to make sure that a graduate is truly ready to be on the roadway with you.

A driver training accident lawyer is going to get to work immediately on investigating your case. This means investigating the negligent driver, as well as that driver's experience and training! However, we have to act fast. While many companies are above board, not all are. We have to begin our investigation right away, to obtain the evidence necessary to prove your claim.

With a truck accident lawyer on your side, you significantly increase your chances of receiving the compensation that you deserve. Once you have a team fighting for you, the insurance companies are no longer going to be able to take advantage of you.

Where does liability lie in a driver training accident?

This is very dependent on the specific facts of your specific accident. Some drivers are trained in-house, while others are trained at CDL schools. Companies that hire drivers are responsible for ensuring that the driver is actually competent to operate such a dangerous vehicle on the roadway. Many reputable companies will perform driver training evaluations to ensure that the drivers are, indeed, safe. However, due to the huge need for truck drivers, some companies have abandoned this in-house testing completely!

Liability may lie with both the person or company who trained the driver, as well as the company that hired the driver, and one of the counts against that company may be failing to properly ensure that the driver could operate the vehicle safely.

In order to determine liability, we have to begin investigating. The sooner you call Blaszkow Legal, the sooner we can get our investigation started.

Causes of Bad Driver Training Accidents

Truck accidents can have many root causes. Some accidents are not related to bad or insufficient training, while others happen only because some drivers have not been properly prepared for the road. Here are some examples of the cases that we work:

Bad weather accidents. Inclement weather, from heavy rain to snow and ice, cannot be predicted accurately, all the time. However, companies do have an obligation to ensure that their drivers are properly trained for such a situation. This training might be as simple as requiring the drivers to monitor weather, and in the event of a severe forecast, then to pull over. A stopped vehicle is generally not going to be striking yours!

Driver fatigue accidents. Drivers can only operate a certain number of hours, under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. These regulations are there to ensure that drivers are not driving beyond their own human limitations, and thus causing very serious accidents. Hours of service regulations are absolutely paramount to lessen the number of accidents on the highways. However, some drivers feel considerable pressure from dispatchers as well as their management to move certain numbers of miles per day. If this is a root cause in a truck accident, we will work hard to hold everyone responsible, from management to the dispatching companies

Improper loading accidents. Sometimes cargo is loaded in an improper manner, and the driver is not aware of this, and a shift in badly-loaded cargo can cause a crash. This happens when a driver takes custody of a sealed trailer, that was sealed by a warehouse. The question then becomes very vexed of who actually loaded the trailer. At many warehouses, we have found that not all employees actually work for the owner/operator of the warehouse! Many are contractors, or even subcontractors or temp agencies. This can be figured out, but we have to begin investigating immediately. The liability may lie with whoever loaded that trailer.

Improper turning. Turning a tractor trailer is an extremely important skill, and one of the basics that truck drivers learn at their training schools. Trucks have a very wide turning radius, and sometimes have to go right before they can go left. Improperly trained drivers do not take the precautions that well-trained veterans do, and may strike other vehicles either with the cab, or with the trailer. Some of these incidents can involve trucks that have rolled because they turn has been taken too fast, and this is more often than not driver error.

The elements of your claim

If you have been involved in a truck accident, your claim for damage is includes certain elements. These elements are divided between economic damages and non-economic damages. Economic damages are easily quantifiable, and extend to things like medical bills, prescription receipts, time lost from work, diminished value on a newer vehicle like a Tesla, and other claims which are verifiable through documentary evidence.

The remainder of the claim is for non-economic damages. Non-economic damages include those things that are not black and white in a law book. They include pain and suffering, inconvenience, permanent injury, permanent impairment, loss of earning capacity, and things of that nature. This claim is developed through the evidence of people who can provide testimony of how the accident has truly impacted your daily life.

Contacting an experienced truck accident lawyer

After a serious truck accident, you have many questions. It is vital to have someone on your side who is fighting for you from the minute you call on the phone. The trucking companies have insurance adjusters and defense lawyers that get to work as soon as they are notified of the accident. You deserve the same kind of quick and efficient representation. Call us today to begin our investigation, so that we can properly build your claim, and hold the negligent trucking companies and their drivers responsible.

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