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Range Rover Diminished Value | Land Rover Diminished ValueRange Rover Diminished Value

Range Rovers are excellent vehicles to drive: smooth and well-put-together.  A Range Rover, in addition to being a superlative machine, is also an investment.   As a responsible owner, you want to do everything possible to nuture and protect your investment.  Unfortunately, your investment can be damaged due to the negligence of others.

If your Range Rover has been damaged in a car accident that was not your fault, then you may have a claim for the diminished value of your vehicle.   

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What is a Diminished Value Claim? 

Diminished Value is a specific type of property damage that seeks to compensate you, the owner of a vehicle, for the reduction in the re-sale value of your vehicle.  The formula is relatively simple:

Pre Accident Value of the Range Rover


Post-repair Value of the Range Rover


Diminished Value

Example: You purchased your Range Rover Defender 110S for $76,000, and it depreciated 10% in the year that you have had it (bringing the value to $66,000). Then, a negligent driver rear ends you at a red light. You have the truck repaired, and now the new value is only $46,000. In this example, your diminished value claim is $20,000

[$66,000 (pre crash value) - $46,000 (post-repair value) = $20,000 (diminished value)]

Your Range Rover's diminished value cannot be contemplated until all repairs have been completed.  We always recommend that you drive your car or truck for a week or two after the repairs have been completed, to make sure that everything is driving fine. 

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Range Rover Diminished Value | Land Rover Diminished ValueHow are Diminished Value Claims Computed? 

Attorneys cannot look at pictures and tell you what the diminished value of your Range Rover is.  In order to determine diminished value, you will need to obtain a Diminished Value Appraisal.  A good appraisal report will review local comparable motor vehicles, and will be done by an independent, certified insurance appraiser. 

Unfortunately, vehicle owners often fall prey to internet-generated diminished value reports.  Online-only reports are generated after you, the owner, submit some pictures, and then a report is spat back at you.  The insurance companies generally do not recognize or value these online reports, because 1) most are not signed/compiled by a certified appraiser, 2) most do not utilize local actuarial data (local resale prices), instead using national data, and 3) even if done by a certified appraiser, the appraisal was not done in-person. 

We always recommend that you get an in-person appraisal done by a local, certified appraiser. 

How Diminished Value Claims are Handled

At Blaszkow Legal, we have streamlined diminished value cases into a simple timeline, so that the insurance companies know we mean business, and that we are happy to move from stage to stage, without delay.  The more readily the insurance companies know that you (the claimant and Range Rover owner) are prepared to go all the way to Court, the more likely that they will resolve your case. 

Stage 1 - Case Initiation: Call Blaszkow Legal.  We will evaluate your case, and if retained, begin our investigation and notify the insurance company of our representation.  

Stage 2 - DV Report: We review the Diminished Value appraisal to appreciate the valuation of the case.  We review the report for sufficiency, and discuss the report with the certified appraiser. 

Stage 3 - Negotiation: We submit a settlement demand package to the insurance company, setting out our position.  The insurance companies respond usually within 30 days.   You, the client, are involved in this case: we are not going to settle anything without your approval.  It is your case!  

Stage 4 - Litigation: If the insurance company does not come to where we need them to be, we will then proceed into litigation.  Property damage claims under 25,000 are filed in the General District Court, and claims over 25,000 are filed within the Circuit Court. 

Injury Claims and Diminished Value Claims

Not every diminished value claim warrants attorney involvement.  However, if our office represents you for the personal injury claim resulting from the car accident, as well as the diminished value claim, then we will incorporate any diminished value damages into the overall claim. 

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Has your Range Rover been damaged?

Whether parking lot or city street, if a negligent person or driver has damaged your car, and it was not your fault (even a little bit!), then you may have a diminished value claim!

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