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Virginia Speeding Car Accident Attorneys

Virginia Speeding Car AccidentYou do not have to have been driving on a Virginia highway for more than a few minutes to see that speeding is everywhere. There may not always be a police officer nearby to hold drivers accountable, and so this behavior goes unchecked. And, speeding is one of the leading contributing factors to the lion's share of Virginia car accidents.

While we cannot stop these speeding drivers, we can hold them accountable if they cause an accident that hurts or your loved ones. Attorney Joe Blaszkow and his staff work tirelessly to fight for the justice you deserve, and the compensation you are entitled to. Call us today for a free consultation! 

Speeding in Virginia

Speeding is a huge problem, it is also incredibly dangerous. A large percentage of motor vehicle accidents in Virginia have a driver's excessive speed as an element of the crash. The faster you drive, the less time that you have to react to something in the road ahead of you, or to react when emergencies happen. Some drivers are not only speeders, they drive recklessly as well, weaving in and out of traffic, not signaling, and making the highway a very dangerous place for everyone.

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Are You Sure I Need to Call a Lawyer?

Yes absolutely. Insurance companies have no duty to tell you the whole truth, and to play fair with you. Their job is to protect their stockholders, and their company. An attorney, however, has an ethical obligation to his client. We are responsible, not only to you, but also to the Bar, to do everything that is in your best interests, every step of the way.

Insurance companies love to use your own words against you! When you call in to report an accident, they will take all of your details. Sometimes, within days, hoping that you have not called an attorney, they will often want to set up a recorded statement. This statement is transcribed, and will show up later on, if you have said anything that they can use to minimize your case, or suggest that you are in some way liable for the accident. You have to remember that Virginia is a contributory negligence state. That means if they can prove that you were even 1% responsible, you lose your claim!

Insurance companies do not want to pay you much money - that is, they want to pay you as little as possible. They have many tactics that they can and will use against you. One of those tactics is to offer you more money than you thought you deserve, immediately. For example if you have been to a hospital, and your health insurance has a $1,000 copay, they might offer to give you $2,000 or even $3,000! You might think that's a great deal! But it's not!!!!  Your health insurance is called a collateral source, which is inadmissible!!!! They do not get the credit for that! You are entitled to claim the full value of the services rendered to you, such as the emergency room treatment, not just what you paid out of pocket. The insurance company has no duty to tell you that. 

We wrote an article on this subject, to explain in more detail.

Remember - as soon as you sign on the dotted line, and take their money, you have waived the remainder of your claim. Always always always talk to an attorney before you talk to an insurance company.

What Sort of Attorney Do I Want If I Am Hurt By A Speeding Driver?

If you have been hurt in a Virginia car accident caused by a speeding motorist, do you want an attorney who is focused on car accident cases, and car accident litigation. That is us at Blaszkow Legal.  Our attorneys and staff are dedicated to helping our car accident clients in Virginia, as well as Maryland and DC.

When you work with Blaszkow Legal, you get superlative legal representation possible – and you deserve to have an attorney who will fight hard, every step of the way!

What Kinds of Crashes Does Speeding Case?

Virginia speeding accidents can cause all manner of collisions.

  • Rear end collisions: Rear end crashes are among the most common, normally because speeders cannot stop in time when traffic begins to back up, or another driver has to stop emergently due to something ahead. The force of these impacts, when the striking vehicle is speeding, will, many times, push the vehicle that has been hit, into another vehicle

  • Side swipe crashes: sometimes, people who are speeding cannot control their own vehicle. Especially if they attempt to apply too much braking energy, vehicles can fishtail, and drivers in the nearby lanes can be hit on the side. We call this a sideswipe crash.

  • Head on collisions: Head on collisions are where two vehicles strike, nose to nose. The vehicles are approaching each other, one vehicle doing above the speed limit, so the force of this impact is double what one would expect. These crashes are usually severe, and result in very severe, if not catastrophic injuries. This happens when a speeding vehicle crosses the double yellow line, and comes into oncoming traffic

  • T-bone crashes: speeding cars, especially when coming around corners and turns, are moving too fast to react when someone is for example pulling into a driveway, or coming out of the business or establishment. The collision strikes the other vehicle on the side, rather than in the front or back. This is called a T-bone collision, after the steak.

  • Rollover crashes: Speeding drivers, when they strike other motorists, will sometimes cause the vehicle that has been struck to roll over. Rollovers are very traumatic to a person's body, and traumatizing to a person's mental state. Especially if the vehicle rolls multiple times period unfortunately, and rollover collisions, many people have to be cut out of the vehicle by the fire department.

Unique Concerns of Speeding Car Accident Cases

Speeding is not always easy to prove, because most cars do not have radar guns in them! If we are retained early enough, we can usually obtain video footage of some or all of the accident, depending on where it happened. Utilizing this camera footage, a skilled reconstructionist can piece together an approximation of how fast the vehicle was going. This is done mathematically, by measuring distance and time as shown on the video.

Depending on the severity of the crash, we can sometimes get an examination done of the event data recorder of the car involved. This device, also known as an EDR, or computerized brain, gives very specific data on the operation of the vehicle at the time of the accident. Certain RPM's equate to certain speeds, and this information is helpful to be able to determine how the vehicle is being utilized before the accident. However, this is not available in all cases, and it is not available in all vehicles.

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