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Why Hire a DC Wrongful Death Lawyer?

Why Hire an Attorney?

It is essential to get an attorney involved as early as possible in the case, whether it is a wrongful death or any other type of personal injury matter. The sooner you call an attorney, the better. A professional DC Wrongful Death Lawyer is going to have his staff open the file, and begin gathering any and all evidence necessary to prove the case. Wrongful Death cases, just like auto accidents, rise and fall on evidence. It is not enough to say - and believe - that a loved was killed by X. We have to be able to prove it.

Let us consider a car accident. Sometimes, the police do not do a crash reconstruction after a truck accident. Reconstruction requires a dedicated person, normally called a reconstructionist. The failure to have a certified reconstructionist work the wreck can be problematic as a civil case moves towards trial. A wrongful death attorney, such as Blaszkow Legal, will get our own reconstructionist to the scene immediately to take measurements, and preserve the details needed to win the case. One cannot rely on the police department to do this: their only concern is criminal/traffic court, not civil. What happens in one is not always admissible in the other.

Additionally, we want to interview witnesses as soon as possible. Memories fade over time. While the loss of your loved one may be etched in your mind, to a passer-by who had no idea some one died, the crash may diminish in their memory. We want to take statements from these people right away, to preserve this testimony.

It is our responsibility to prove negligence, and the longer that we wait, the harder that is.

Why Do People Pick Blaszkow Legal for Wrongful Death Cases?

Mr. Blaszkow has been practicing law for a long time, and in that time, he has worked some horrific wrongful death cases. These cases have come from car accidents throughout DC, and Virginia and Maryland, too. A good attorney can fight for his clients, and a great attorney can fight hard, without forgetting that his client has suffered a huge loss. Mr. Blaszkow is empathetic, and will fight the insurance companies who want to cut and run, by paying a small amount and moving on.

Mr. Blaszkow and his team know that clients, even those who have suffered a loss, want to be told the truth, no matter how hard. The truth is this: these cases are not quick, and they are not easy. Wrongful death cases, when prosecuted properly, can cost insurance companies and their clients millions of dollars. So the insurance companies and defense lawyers make it as hard as possible for Plaintiffs and their families to recover. The harder they can make it, the more likely it is that smaller firms and less experienced attorneys may balk, and walk away.

We are not so easily cowed. We have fought the biggest insurance companies for our clients.

Remember - the negligent company, or person, has consulted their own lawyer right away. So should you.

Does Blaszkow Legal work in DC?

Absolutely. Even though our office is in Northern Virginia, we represent Wrongful Death clients throughout the DMV - DC, Maryland, and Virginia. We have the ability to meet clients anywhere, and investigate any case.

We treat every case as if it is going to trial. We prepare rigorously, and constantly, so that when trial comes, we are ready to fight - and win!

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