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Alarmed man being hit by a texting driverWashington DC is a wonderful city. However, being the capital, it is often crowded with both cars and people. The very nature of the city as a center for business as well as travel makes pedestrian accidents more likely to happen. But some factors can contribute more than ohers, and make pedestrian strikes more common. If you are a loved one have been injured in a pedestrian strike, contact a Washington DC pedestrian accident lawyer today


Speeding is a leading cause of traffic accidents not just in Washington, DC, but everywhere. Far too many people are in too much of a hurry, and this leads to a lot of inattention while driving. That inattention can cause serious car accidents.

People who speed through one intersection or traffic light are more likely to speed through multiple intersections or lights. This also leads to a higher chance that this person may try to speed into a yellow traffic light, that may then turn red - if a pedestrian starts to cross when the signal allows, this speeding driver may slam right into this person.

Nighttime Driving

Many people visit the city from out of town, and they may be unfamiliar with our roads. Sometimes the very fact that they are a little lost and uncomfortable in new situations may result in this visitor spending more time that they should with their eyes on the gps, instead of the road. This happens with some frequency, and this lost driver might not see a pedestrian lawfully in the roadway, crossing the street. These injuries can be severe. Adding in the fact that at night, not all roadways are illuminated, and the risk of serious accidents increases dramatically.

Some drivers also fail to turn their headlights on, as required by law. Pedestrians are required to look both ways before crossing the street, and a pedestrian may do exactly that and not see an oncoming car that has negligently not turned its lights on.

Distracted Driving

Drivers of any vehicle, whether trucks or buses or cars, are required to pay full time and attention to the operation of those motor vehicles. However, today's technology-centric society gives drivers more distractions than ever in their vehicles, and some of those distractions even come with the vehicle itself! Vehicle infotainment systems can distract a driver's eyes away from the roadway, and this can have severe consequences. A distracted driver is less likely to see the change of a traffic signal, and may go right through it, thus injuring the pedestrians who started to cross when they were legally allowed to do so.

DC, Maryland, as well as Virginia all have laws prohibiting the utilization of handheld cell phones while driving. However, there are currently no laws about utilizing vehicle systems while driving, such as these infotainment devices.

Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving occurs when drivers impatiently operate their vehicles, creating a risk for all other drivers on the road, and pedestrians as well. These people will often change lanes without signaling, will speed, will fail to fully stop at intersections, and will otherwise completely ignore all of the rules of the road. This kind of driving, but by it's very nature, is extremely hazardous.

Pedestrians suffer the worst when confronted with an aggressive driver. A pedestrian may see a vehicle coming to a stop sign, and stop. That pedestrian may then believe it is safe to cross the roadway, and then the aggressive driver will suddenly and unexpectedly lurch forward, striking the pedestrian. The injuries that result in these kind of accidents can sometimes be catastrophic.

After a DC Pedestrian Accident

If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident, then you need to get evaluated by a doctor right away. Far too many people wait to get checked out, and injuries wear a car has struck a person can sometimes be hidden, such as internal injuries or internal bleeding. It is absolutely vital to have a competent Medical Professional take a look, and make sure that there is nothing wrong. Alternately, if that physician does determine that you need medical treatment, then it is important to get that medical treatment right away

If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident in Washington DC, then call an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer who is dedicated to fighting the insurance companies, and proving your damages. Get Justice with Joe and call Blaszkow Legal today: 703-879-5910