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Premises Liability and Foreseeable Harm

Blaszkow Legal, PLLC  Jan. 3, 2024

When we step into a property, be it a grocery store, a friend's house, or a public park, the last thing we expect is to sustain an injury. We take it for granted that the environment we're entering is safe and that potential hazards have been addressed by those in charge. But, what happens when this trust is violated?  

Premises liability is the legal obligation that property owners have to ensure a safe environment for visitors. It's about holding those owners accountable when their negligence leads to an accident or injury. Foreseeable harm, meanwhile, is about anticipating potential risks that could cause harm to individuals on the property. By fully comprehending these principles, you're better equipped to understand your rights and seek due compensation for injuries resulting from someone else's negligence. 

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What Is Premises Liability?

Premises liability is a legal concept that's woven into the fabric of personal injury law. It's a principle that essentially holds property owners accountable for accidents and injuries that take place on their property. If you've been injured on someone else's property, you might have grounds to file a premises liability claim to recoup compensation for your damages. 

This concept applies to all sorts of properties — from private residences and commercial establishments to public spaces. As a property owner, it's your duty to ensure your premises are in a reasonably safe condition. This means taking appropriate measures to prevent potential dangers and informing visitors of any known hazards that could cause harm. 

If a property owner doesn't live up to this responsibility and someone gets hurt as a result, they could be held liable for the damages. At Blaszkow Legal, PLLC, we're committed to helping those who've endured such unfortunate incidents seek justice and compensation. 

The Role of Foreseeable Harm in Premises Liability Cases

Foreseeable harm refers to potential dangers that property owners should reasonably anticipate and take steps to prevent. It's the cornerstone of establishing a property owner's duty of care towards visitors or occupants. 

To win a premises liability case hinging on foreseeable harm, it's crucial to prove that the property owner knew or should have known about the potential danger. For example, let's say there's a loose floorboard in a property that's been there for weeks. The owner should've discovered and fixed it, but they didn't. If someone trips over that floorboard and gets injured, the property owner could be held liable because the hazard was present for a sufficient amount of time. Some additional examples include: 

  • A broken stair or handrail that has not been repaired. 

  • A wet floor without a warning sign. 

  • Poorly lit walkways leading to tripping hazards. 

  • A dog known to be aggressive, not adequately restrained. 

  • Unsecured rugs or mats. 

  • Broken or insufficient fencing around a swimming pool. 

  • Exposed electrical wiring or outlets. 

  • Untreated ice or snow on walkways. 

  • Potholes or cracks in a parking lot. 

  • Loose debris or objects on the floor. 

  • Unstable shelving or furniture that could fall and cause injury. 

Similarly, if there have been previous accidents or incidents on the property due to the same issue, this could indicate a pattern of negligence on the part of the owner. The history of similar incidents helps establish that not only was the harm foreseeable, but it was also preventable had the owner taken appropriate measures. 

Building a Strong Premises Liability Claim

When it comes to building a premises liability claim based on foreseeable harm, evidence is key. This can include photographs or videos of the hazardous condition, witness statements, maintenance records, and any other relevant documentation. These pieces of evidence can help establish the property owner's knowledge of the hazard and their failure to address it. 

However, gathering evidence and building a strong case isn't something you should tackle alone. It's essential to work with an experienced personal injury attorney who's well-versed in premises liability cases.

That's where our team at Blaszkow Legal, PLLC, steps in. We're committed to protecting your rights and fighting so that you have the best chance of obtaining fair compensation for your injuries. 

Navigating the Path to Justice

Premises liability and foreseeable harm are significant considerations in personal injury law. Property owners have a duty to maintain their premises in a safe condition and anticipate potential dangers. If they fail to fulfill this duty, and you've been injured as a result, we're here to help you understand your rights and pursue the compensation you deserve. If you've been injured, reach out to our firm today for support — we are here for you.