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Thanksgiving Driving Tips

Blaszkow Legal Nov. 24, 2021

Many of us will drive home this year to spend part of the upcoming Holidays with friends and family. AAA predicts that over 50,000,000 people will travel! Despite there not being as many workers heading to and fro, and increased volume of holiday travel puts alot more cars on the road than people realize. It is vital that we all take extra precautions to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe - and make sure that we can get where we need to go!

Please remember these important safety tips when motoring about this year:

- Always buckle up. No trip is too short for a seatbelt.

- Plan ahead. If you are heading to a Thanksgiving party, and plan to drink, then make sure your ride-share app is loaded and waiting. Do not try to drive, even if you've "only had one or two."

- Get plenty of rest before traveling. Driving tried can dangerously reduce your reaction time, almost to the same level as an alcohol-impaired driver. Also, rest prevents you from falling asleep at the wheel.

- Focus on driving, not on your phone. Distracted driving kills almost as many people as drunk driving, and is very easy eliminated: use hands-free mode only, or pull over to talk.

- Don't rush. Your party or gathering will still be there when you arrive, so don't try to drive beyond the speed limit.

- Don't overdrive conditions. If the temperature drops, puddles become ice, and you must anticipate that by lowering your speed.

- Check your oil. Lack of oil in your car can seriously damage your engine, even causing it to seize, and a trip of 100 miles or more can increase this prospect dramatically.

If you are involved in an accident, remember these crucial steps:

1) Call 911.

2) Make sure you are safe - don't just jump out of your vehicle on a busy interstate. Move your vehicle from the travel lane.

3) Take lots of pictures, of your car, of the other car(s) involved, of the other driver(s), and their IDs and insurance information.

4) Call Blaszkow Legal BEFORE you talk to an insurance company: 703-879-5910.

Blaszkow Legal, the Alexandria Injury Attorney, wishes every a safe and Happy Thanksgiving 2021!