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Washington DC Negligent Security LawyerWashington DC Negligent Security

It is a sad reality these days that crime is on the rise in Washington, DC. DC law places a duty on property owners and business owners to ensure that there is adequate security for visitors and guests, as well as residents at residential properties. Injuries from assaults, and even horrific killings happen when a property owner ignores this duty (often in an attempt to save money), and allows crime to go unchecked.

If you have been the victim of an assault, or have lost a loved one because a property did not properly provide security, you may be entitled to compensation. Blaszkow Legal is ready to fight for you against these negligence parties. We can help you hold them accountable for your injuries, and make them pay for their negligence. Call us today to speak to a Washington DC Negligent Security Lawyer.

Different Kinds of Negligent Security in DC

A property can be negligent in many ways, more than most people realize. Security breaches happen all the time, and can range from trespassing to assaults to other Criminal incidents.

  • Failure to hire security personnel

  • Failure to train security guards and special police officers

  • Failure to properly equip security guards

  • Failing to remove security personnel when they act negligently or incompetently, such as sleeping or leaving their post

  • Failing to install security cameras

  • Failing to repair security devices that have broken

  • Failing to provide security locks

  • Failing to repair broken doors, locks, fences, and windows

  • Failure to maintain or implement Access Control

  • Inadequate numbers of security personnel

All of these different factors can give rise to dangerous situations on a property. Especially if you are a resident at a property where these concerns are occurring on a daily basis, you may be at risk. Especially, you may be at risk from professional criminals, who know exactly what deficiencies to look for.

Washington DC Law and Negligent Security

Washington DC places a duty on property owners. A duty is one of the requirements of filing a case for negligence. Much of the current law stems from the case of Kline v. 1500 Massachusetts Avenue Apartment Corp., 439 F.2d 477 (D.C.Cir.1970). In this case, a woman sustained serious injuries when she was assaulted and robbed by an intruder at a residential building in Northwest DC.

This building at one time had a lobby attendant, but then that position went away for whatever reason, and no one worked in the common area. Crime continued, as evidenced by repeated police incidents in the area. The building never hired a security company. However, they knew that these crimes were happening on and around the property. The plaintiff in that case, Ms Kline, was assaulted inside the building. This happened right after another victim was assaulted, in almost exactly the same area, only a few weeks before.

This case, which went up on appeal, confirmed the premise that "...a property owner has a duty to take those measures of protection which are within his power and capacity to take, and which can be reasonably expected to mitigate the risk of intruders assaulting and robbing tenants." Kline, at 487.

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Washington DC Negligent Security LawyerRisks Posed By Not Having Adequate Security at a Business or Residential Property

Many businesses and private residences are open to the public, and thus that means that criminals can get in, too. Sometimes the employment of a mere locked door is insufficient if the property does not ensure that there is a secured perimeter for residents and their guests, and other visitors of a business. When security measures fail, or crimes happen because there are no security measures in place, horrific incidents can happen:

  • Theft

  • Shootings

  • Murder

  • Assaults

  • Fights

  • Drug use

  • Sexual assaults

  • Kidnapping

  • Drug dealing

All of these incidents are just to name a few of the things that can reduce your quality of life, and make it hard simply to exist in such a place.

Damages That You Can Claim in a DC Negligent Security Case

If you or a loved one have been hurt as the result of a property's failure to have adequate security personnel, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. This claim includes economic and non-economic damages. Some of the things that make up your claim include:

  1. Medical bills and expenses

  2. Cost of medical supplies and devices

  3. Prescription costs

  4. Future medical expenses

  5. Lost wages

  6. Future time lost from work

  7. Loss of earning capacity

  8. Post-traumatic stress

  9. Mental anguish

  10. Permanent injury

  11. Scarring

  12. Disfigurement

  13. Emotional distress

How Do You Prove Negligent Security in Washington, DC?

In Washington DC, a plaintiff always has the burden to prove that the at-fault party was, indeed, negligent. This means that a thorough investigation has to be undergone to get all of the facts applicable to the situation. For example, if an assault happens when a security officer is asleep, did he fall asleep on a regular basis? This can be established by reviewing camera footage, complaint logs, property emails, communications with security companies and staffing services, and more.

Blaszkow Legal's team of attorneys and investigators are experienced in developing these cases, and we know how to fight for you. In some cases, some information can only be obtained via subpoena and through the discovery process. That means litigation is going to have to begin. Talk to a lawyer today about your case

Statute of Limitations for Negligent Security Cases

Injuries arriving from a negligent security incidents are considered personal injury claims under DC law. DC Code 12-301 imposes a 3-year statute of limitations on all personal injury cases. That means, for example, if you were assaulted, you have three years from the date of the assault to file the underlying lawsuit.

But you should never wait 3 years! Speak to a lawyer immediately!

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Victims who have been hurt by criminal incidents that happened due to a property owners failure to secure their property are often scarred and traumatized. Many people who are victims of crime feel helpless afterwards. That is no way to go through life, and we can help you to hold the negligent party responsible. We cannot promise this will make you feel better, but it can give you peace of mind to hold the guilty people responsible. We will build your case, document your damages, and fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

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