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Joseph Blaszkow Interviews ALIVE - Help Us to Help Them!

Blaszkow Legal, PLLC Sept. 11, 2020

Joseph Blaszkow, the Alexandria Injury Attorney, sat down today to interview Jennifer Ayers, the Managing Director of ALIVE .

ALIVE is an organization of Virginians from all over Alexandria and the surrounding communities, often from various church groups, dedicated to helping our neighbors in need. 2020 has been especially rough on us all, and even more so on those who were already struggling. ALIVE does everything it can to help people get back on their feet, through education assistance, housing assistance, and by running a tremendous food bank.

ALIVE is currently trying to meet its 2020 fundraising goals, but is a little bit short. Blaszkow Legal is determined to help get ALIVE to where it needs to be, so that they can keep doing the amazing work they have been doing, helping our neighbors and friends.

Mr. Blaszkow sat down to understand some of the challenges faced by ALIVE, and how they will be moving forward to help all they can.

Help us to help ALIVE - watch the interview, and please donate