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Injured While Crossing the Street?

Find out What a Pedestrian Law Attorney in Alexandria, VA Can Do for You

In congested cities like Washington, DC, Alexandria, Woodbridge, Arlington, and more crossing the street can be difficult, and even dangerous. A person can be struck by a vehicle while walking with the pedestrian light and within the crosswalk. Often, these incidents are caused by speeding drivers, drivers trying to run the light, drivers turning while not looking out for pedestrians, and drivers using their cell phones instead of watching the road. While you as a pedestrian have a duty to cross the street safely and properly, motorists always have a duty to look out for pedestrians and to yield accordingly.

Being injured as a pedestrian is very traumatic, and can result in very severe injuries - and some of those injuries could be life-threatening. It is very important to have an experienced accident lawyer working for you so that you can focus on what is most important - getting well and getting back to how you lived your life before the accident.

Contact the Alexandria Injury Attorney now to find out more about our pedestrian law services in Alexandria, VA.

If You Are the Victim in A Pedestrian Accident, You Have the Right to Recover Your Damages.

Damages are:

  • The cost of your medical treatment, regardless of what any insurance company has paid

  • The time you have missed from work

  • Your lost earning capacity, if you cannot return to work (or to the same position)

  • Any disfigurement, or permanent injury

  • Your pain and suffering

Why Should I Get an Attorney Right Away, Especially if I'm Still in Treatment?

Many insurance companies advise their insureds to call them right away after accidents, and this includes pedestrian accidents (if the pedestrian has personal car insurance). The insured usually cooperate because, after all, it is the insurance they pay for. Right?

Yes - but their assistance can very quickly become adversarial. In an instance where a pedestrian is struck, and the injuries are, or could be, severe, there is a very real chance that the striking vehicle's coverage may not be sufficient to pay your full damages. At that point, a claim for under-insured motorist benefits (UIM) can be made, and this is where the friendly insurance company turns adversarial. You may have a right to those benefits - after all, you have paid for them!

Remember that you should never talk to insurance before you have spoken to a lawyer.

How Can the Alexandria Injury Attorney Help Me?

Having a dedicated and knowledgeable accident attorney on your side from the very start can help you navigate such complex legal issues - remember, insurance companies work for themselves, and their stockholders. The Alexandria Injury Attorney works for you!

The Alexandria Injury Attorney has been representing injured pedestrians since 1981 in DC, Maryland, and Virginia, and has helped hundreds of pedestrians fight for what they deserve. If you have been injured as a pedestrian anywhere in the DC, Maryland, or Virginia area, call our office today for a free consultation.