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Bethesda Big Train stadium

Bethesda Big Train Baseball Game - 3rd Annual Link Generations Picnic!

Blaszkow Legal, PLLC June 3, 2019

Blaszkow Legal is very proud to support Link Generations in 2019. Link Generations is a group founded and organized by Dr. Lori Marks, and designed to connect a younger generation with its elders. Older Americans are a treasured resource of experience and knowledge, and this wonderful group facilities the passing on of this experience to the leaders of tomorrow. Inter-generational cooperating is essential to preparing teenagers for the demanding world of adulthood.

The mentorship provided through Link Generations’ programs has helped numerous students in Montgomery County bring cheer to senior citizens, and given those senior citizens both companionship and renewed purpose.

This year marks the 3rd Annual Picnic for Link Generations, as they put on a gala event at the Bethesda Big Train Baseball Stadium.

This stadium is located at Povich Field, 10300 Westlake Drive, Bethesda, Md. 20852. Tickets are $25. The Picnic will be held on 6/6/19 - picnic at 5:30 pm, first pitch is at 6:50pm, and the game starts at 7pm!

The Alexandria Injury Attorney and his staff will be in attendance, and hopes you will come out too and show your support - see you at the game!