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Virginia Beach, VA – One Hurt in Car Crash on Kemps River Dr near Kempsville Rd

Virginia Beach, VA – One Hurt in Car Crash on Kemps River Dr near Kempsville Rd

Blaszkow Legal, PLLC Sept. 27, 2023

Virginia Beach, VA (September 27, 2023) – A motor vehicle accident reported in the Virginia Beach area on Tuesday morning left one person injured. The accident occurred at around 10:15 a.m. on September 26.

According to reports from the Virginia Beach Police Department, a collision between two vehicles occurred on Kemps River Drive. The impact of the crash caused one vehicle to overturn near Kempsville Road.

Authorities arrived at the scene and closed off a portion of the roadway.

Medics tended to injured victims at the scene. One person was transported to a local hospital for further medical care.

At this time, the incident is being investigated.

We hope the injured victim makes a full recovery following this accident.

Car Accidents in Virginia

Car accidents can be extremely devastating the deal with. Regrettably, they are the cause of thousands of injuries every year in Virginia. Far too often, innocent people are forced to endure overwhelming consequences due to drivers who fail to operate their vehicles safely.

Unfortunately, victims of crashes are often left with serious personal injuries and overwhelming financial consequences. After being hurt in an accident, it is crucial for victims to take legal action.

After an accident, victims are able to seek compensation for the damages that they face. However, the award that they received is based on the contributory negligence doctrine. Unlike most other states, if a car crash in Virginia takes place where a claimant contributed to the accident in any way, they are barred from recovering any compensation for their losses and damages. This makes it critically important to seek skilled representation early on.

By seeking legal assistance and pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, victims can obtain the financial compensation they deserve for their pain, suffering, and damages. The guidance of a car accident lawyer in Virginia Beach can greatly increase the chances of successful outcomes for personal injury claims.

Our team at Blaszkow Legal, PLLC, is dedicated to providing top-notch legal services for those involved in accidents and facing serious injuries. We understand the challenges that come with these situations and are committed to working tirelessly to achieve justice for our clients. From conducting thorough investigations to negotiating with insurance companies, we take care of every aspect of your case so you can focus on recovering. Our team is committed to helping you understand your legal options. Schedule a free consultation by reaching out to our Virginia personal injury law firm at 703-879-5910. Let us put our experience and knowledge to work for you.

Note: When creating these blog posts, our team of writers utilizes external sources, including local and state news sources, social media platforms, police accident incident reports, state police accident reports, and at times, eyewitness accounts. Please contact us immediately if you discover any incorrect information so that we can update the post with the most current, accurate information available.

Disclaimer: This post is not a business solicitation, and none of the information provided in this blog post should be interpreted as medical or legal advice. If you have been injured in an accident, seek immediate medical attention. This post's featured image was not captured at the actual accident scene.