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What to do if you are an Uber/Lyft Driver after an accident

What the apps are not telling you! Oct. 10, 2022

Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare platforms are an invaluable asset in today's world, saving the public the expense of renting cars all the time, and giving people greater flexibility in their lives. And the men and women who use their vehicles to serve these apps, the rideshare drivers, risk themselves and their property every day.

Because these drivers are on the road all of the time, there is a high likelihood that at some point, they will be involved in an automobile accident that is not their fault. In some cases, they will be injured - sometimes seriously. Unfortunately, the very app that serves them, and should protect them, sometimes fights against them after the accident.

If you are an Uber, Lyft, Via, or other driver, that is involved in an accident that is not your fault, and are hurt, there are certain things that YOU need to do to protect yourself. You cannot rely on the app, or the app's insurance company, because sadly, they will in some cases actively refuse to do things that will help you with your claim, later on.

Steps to take after the Accident:

1 - Call the police. It is true that some jurisdictions, such as the DC Metropolitan Police, Fairfax County Police, and others, will not respond in every case, but at least there is proof that you called, and made the attempt.

2 - Get the information for the passenger in your car. As you know, the app uses "mask" numbers when the passenger calls you, so you do not have the passenger's name and actual phone number. You need to write this down. If possible, get a picture of their drivers license or ID card. This passenger is going to be one of the best witnesses that you have in your case, but Constitution State Services, a division of Travelers Insurance, or Progressive (for Lyft) and Farmers Insurance (for Uber) will not give you or your attorney that passenger's information. It is important for you to get this information BEFORE they get into another ride, and leave the scene.

3 - Get the information of the driver that hit your car. Taking a picture of their insurance and registration is good, do that, but also get a picture of their drivers license. Think about it - how else will you prove that the person who OWNS the car (on the registration) is the same person who is DRIVING the car?

4 - Take lots of pictures. This means that, at a minimum, you want to get pictures:

  • of your car

  • of the other person's car

  • of the damage to any property, such as poles, guard rails, etc.

  • of the location itself, including the road, intersection, highway, to show people some perspective on what happened

  • of the people involved, including passengers in the vehicle that hit you

  • of the licenses, registrations, and insurance cards for the driver and vehicle that hit you

5 - Go get medical treatment, if you are hurt. If you are having serious issues, or are not sure, then go to a hospital. If you do not feel too bad, but still want to get checked out (and you should!), then find an urgent care center or clinic.

6 - Call Blaszkow Legal immediately. Some of the apps will try to take statements right away, and you SHOULD NEVER GIVE A STATEMENT WITHOUT LAWYER! The insurance companies can use your own words against you, and an attorney can protect you from this. The Alexandria Injury Attorney Joseph Blaszkow has represented motorists, from private motorists to taxi drivers and rideshare drivers, for over 40 years!

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