Delivery Driver Accidents Attorneys in Alexandria, Virginia

In Alexandria and the entire DC Metro area, delivery drivers are among the hardest working people on the road. And, like taxi drivers, they spend most of their time on the highway. Whether driving for Door Dash, Postmates, Ubereats, Pizza Hut, Dominoes, etc, we rely on them to get our food where we want it: into our homes! However, sometimes these dedicated professionals get into accidents that are not their fault.

If you are a delivery driver who has been involved in an accident, it is very important to contact a lawyer right away.

If you as a delivery driver have been involved in an accident and been injured, it is very important to do several things right away:

  1. Take pictures of 1) the accident scene, 2) of the other driver, 3) of your car, and 4) the other driver's car. Don't worry about how many, because more is almost always better, and in the digital age, there is no storage limit to worry about. Always make sure that you also get copies of 5) the other driver's insurance information and 6) the driver's license - and it's easier to just snap a picture of the cards themselves than try to write it down!
  2. get the responding police officer's information. In most jurisdictions, such as Alexandria, the police will give you a police information exchange sheet, that has some pertinent info on it. This exchange sheet is half the size of a normal sheet of paper. The Fairfax County Police give out one that is a full-page. Always check to make sure that you have the officer's badge number, phone number, and report number. See below for the information sheet.
  3. If you are in pain, seek medical attention. If you are badly hurt, then go to an emergency room. If your pain is less severe, then find an Urgent Care clinic. If you are in any doubt, then go to the emergency room.
  4. Call the Alexandria Injury Attorney. DO NOT call any insurance companies right away until you have called a lawyer. Insurance companies will attempt to take statements and may want to determine fault immediately, and you should always have the benefit of an attorney before that happens.
  5. If you are required to report the accident to your employer, you should based on the rules of your company. This will depend in large part on who you work for, and what your employment status is, such as employee vs. independent contractor. There may be questions of insurance coverage - this is very important to figure out, and an experienced attorney will be essential.

It is very important to call an attorney as soon as possible after being involved in an accident caused by someone else's negligence. As time passes, evidence can be lost or overwritten, such as camera footage. Our firm can locate and protect this evidence very quickly, which, if favorable, will serve to enhance your case. Additionally, in these uncertain times, Blaszkow Legal's new virtual intake capabilities allow us to meet with you as a client, in full confidentiality, without you ever having to come to the office. Paperwork can be completed digitally and through the mail. Call the Alexandria Injury Attorney, Blaszkow Legal today, for a free consultation.